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Enjoy the beauty of the Wonderful City with comfort and safety

Enjoy the beauty of the Wonderful City with comfort and safety

Enjoy the beauty of the Wonderful City with comfort and safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Is experience needed to fly? Is there a minimum age to be able to fly? Check the answers on the FAQs.

Is experience needed to fly?

No. Any person may do the instruction flight. After a brief training you will be apt to make it. You’ll only need to run 5 metres alongside the instructor to do a safe take-off. After the take-off our instructors will do everything until landing.

Is there a minimum age to be able to fly?

Yes. It’s only permitted for over 16s. There are no limits over that, as long as you can run to take off.

What should I wear? Is it cold during the flight?

Wear something comfortable and trainers or sneakers you can run in safely. I case you haven’t got any, we’ll be happy to lend you some. On cloudy and windy days bring a jacket.

What’s the weight limit to be able to fly?

We can fly with up to 90kg without any restrictions. We only carry between 90kg and 120kg with totally optimal wind conditions.

Do you fly every day?

No. We operate with the wind in the favourable quadrant. In Rio de Janeiro from south to east.

What’s the time spent to do the flight?

Between 8 to 20 minutes of flight, depending on the intensity of the wind. Between 40 to 60 minutes from going up to Pedra Bonita until landing. On average 2 hours including transfer to and from hotels in the South Zone of Rio.

Do you fly on cloudy and rainy days?

Yes. In Rio de Janeiro the eastern and southern winds come from the sea, bringing humidity that transforms into clouds and sometimes light rain. These are the best days to fly and the wind is totally in our favour.

May I fly the hang-glider?

Yes. During the flight, depending on the person’s profile, it is possible to fly the hang-glider. Handling it is easy and the instructor will assess your aptitude.

Can people with special needs fly?

Yes. It’ll be up to the instructor to make an assessment so that the person can take off safely.

What’s the best day and time to fly?

Normally after the cold spells have passed, when the wind is in the southern quadrant and the atmospheric pressure is high. This may happen in the morning or afternoon. It can vary a lot.

Can the instructor speak English and other languages?

Yes. Our instructors speak English and other languages.

Book your flight

The entire adventure will be photographed and filmed with our fixed cameras on the hang-glider. We have a hotel transfer service available. Our transportation will pick you up at the arranged time and place, and will take you back comfortably and safely.

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