Do I need to be experienced to fly? Is there an age limit to be able to fly? Find the answers.

1. Do I need to be experienced to fly?

No. Everyone can perform an instructional flight. With a brief training you will be ready to fly. You must be able to do a 5 meter run next to the instructor for a safe take off. After taking off our instructors will handle the rest all the way to the landing.

2. Is there an age limit in order to be able to fly?

Yes. Only 16 and older are allowed to fly. Beyond this there is no impairment as long as you are able to run 5 meters for the take off.

3. What type of clothing do I need to wear? Is it cold during the flight?

Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes so you can run safely. In the event of not having the right clothes, we will arrange some that fit you. Bring a jacket on cloudy days.

4. What is the weight limit to fly?

There is no restriction for up to 90kg. From 90kg to 120kg, the winds must be 100% favorable.

5. Is everyday a flying Day?

No. We only operate when winds are on the favorable quadrant. In Rio it means winds from the south to the East.

6. What is the length of the flight?

The flight takes anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the wind intensity. It takes about 40 to 60 minutes from the drive up to the Pedra Bonita ramp all the way to the landing at the beach, a total of 2 hours if a hotel transfer, from Zona Sul, Rio, is included.

7. Is there flying on rainny days?

Yes. In Rio the South and East winds blow inland bringing humidity which builds into clouds and in some cases into light rain. These are the best days in which to fly; the winds are 100% favorable.

8. Can I fly the Hang glider?

Yes. During the flight, depending on the profile of the person, it is possible to hand over the control of the wing. The commands are very easy to perform and the instructor will evaluate your ability.

9. Can people with special needs fly?

Yes. It Will be up to the instructor to evaluate and decide whether the take off can be done safely.

10. What is the Best Day to fly?

Usually after cold fronts, when the winds are on the South quadrant and the pressure is high. This is likely to happen in the morning or afternoon; it varies.

11. Do the instructors speak other languages?

Yes. Our instructors speak English and other languages.